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New WiMax Service to be Available Soon

The Internet revolution will soon get very, very fast in America if Sprint's ambitious rollout of WiMax technology, backed by computer chipmaker Intel, comes to fruition. That service could come as early as 2008.

Even more exciting, Sprint is working with Intel to develop WiMax technology that allows users to access the Internet in a moving car or while walking down a city street. And tech-savvy consumers are telling Sprint, they want WiMax connections to their portable entertainment devices -- think the IPod, a digital camera or small DVD player -- too.

Sprint's moves have forced other providers (Clearwire, DirectTV and the Dish Network) to consider jumping into WiMax and wireless carriers (Cingular and Verizon) to follow suit.

Just a reminder, WiMax offers faster connection speeds than the Wi-Fi systems many of you reading this are connected to in your homes and offices as well as an amazing broadcast range of 30 miles.

Business Week August 8, 2006

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