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Do You Have a Heavy Baby?

If the hypothetical question posed in the headline above doesn't alarm you, it should considering the obesity epidemic has apparently stretched to infants, according to a study of Massachusetts children.

Researchers reviewed the medical records of more than 120,000 kids (ages 6 and younger and mostly from middle-class families) who visited physicians tied to a health maintenance organization from 1980-2001. No surprise, the number of overweight children jumped by more than half to 10 percent, and the overall risk of kids becoming overweight climbed to more than 14 percent. But that's not all...

Over the course of the study, a baby's risk of obesity ballooned by an astounding 59 percent while the number of overweight infants exploded by 74 percent. The suspected causes -- overweight mothers, diabetes and no breastfeeding -- researchers surmised led them to the wise conclusion that preventing infant and childhood obesity starts before a baby is born.

That's why it's important to follow a healthy eating plan based on your body's unique nutritional type as well as taking a high quality fish or krill oil daily and exercising regularly.

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