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Don't Slack Off on Exercise Before Gastric Bypass Surgery

As you know, the desperate search for a "cure" to the obesity epidemic has led conventional medicine to even more dangerous options you should never even consider, including inflatable balloons, stomach stapling and gastric bypass procedures.

Should you choose that path, however, you'll have to get more physically fit anyway just to avoid the serious complications that way arise after such procedures, none of which are more important than death, according to a new study in which researchers tracked the health of more than 100 patients after a stomach-stapling (Roux-en Y) procedure based on fitness tests administered prior to their surgeries.

Among patients who were physically fit (as measured by treadmill tests), only 3 percent suffered any complications and none of them died. Conversely, 17 percent of those who weren't physically fit poor endured more serious short-term problems -- blood clots and kidney failure. Additionally, one patient died and another was felled by a stroke.

If you're going to make a commitment to get physically fit before a bariatric procedure anyway, perhaps you should reconsider the real need for an unnecessary surgery by taking safer steps like retooling your diet based on the foods your body burns best according to your unique nutritional type.

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