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Don't Treat Migraines by Overusing Pain Meds

You may recall a recent study about headache drugs that can give you one. Treating migraines by stopping analgesics you may have overused may be a simpler and more effective approach, according to a new study.

Korean researchers monitored the health of 136 patients suffering from transformed migraines, a disease that begins with episodic attacks that transition over time into near daily headaches but less severe ones. When the study began, patients had been experiencing at least 15 headaches per month over the previous half-year.

Their treatment plan was simple: Stop smoking, consuming caffeine and alcohol along with any overused pain medications, use preventative medications and exercise regularly. Although cutting back on smoking, alcohol and caffeine didn't make a difference, starting an exercise plan and taking preventative medications did the trick for 70 percent of the patients.

Some safer better solutions than taking a drug for a headache:

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