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How Many Pounds Does One Extra Soft Drink Add to Your Body?

Ever wonder how much soft drinks -- the leading source for calories in America -- really contribute to the obesity epidemic in America? Just one extra can a day can add as much as 15 pounds to your weight over the course of a year.

That's just one of a number of alarming facts revealed in a review of 30 nutritional studies conducted over the past four decades connecting soft drinks to the growing spread of obesity. Other interesting factoids:

  • Soft drinks contribute about half of the additional sweeteners in the average American diet and that amounts to a third of all carbohydrate calories consumed.
  • Limiting a child's intake of soft drinks over a year lowered his or her risks of obesity.
  • Consuming more sugary drinks led to higher weight gains and greater obesity risks.

However, some "experts" believe it's absurd to place the entire blame for obesity on soft drinks or try to diminish its overall effect, arguing a lack of exercise is a more important factor. That said, soft drinks are the quintessential junk food: They contain no vitamins or minerals, and people generally don't cut back on their food intake because they drink them either.

If you and your family drink soft drinks regularly, the best thing you could do for your overall health is to quit this pernicious habit and make the switch to clean fresh water. And you may want to consider Turbo Tapping, a simple, highly effective energy psychology tool, to help you make that transition.

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