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Would You Use BOTOX to Heal a Scar?

Once the botulinum toxin, better known as BOTOX, became the go-to remedy for wrinkles over plastic surgery and hyperhidrosis, it was only a matter of time conventional medicine would find new and equally pointless ways to justify using it.

The latest trend: Treating a facial wound early on with BOTOX may improve the appearance of a facial scar a patients may sustain from a dog bite, car accident or a skin biopsy, Mayo Clinic researchers claim.

Scientists tested the effect of BOTOX versus a saline solution on 31 patients with forehead wounds from various surgeries or car accidents, then asked two plastic surgeons to evaluate the cosmetic appearance of the scars. No surprise, surgeons gave higher scores to those treated with BOTOX.

What concerns me even more is this next stage phase, in which scientists will work with patients to determine the right dosage of BOTOX to treat scars left behind after heart surgery. Would you want to be injected with BOTOX in your chest?

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