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Western Diet Promotes Toxic Foods That Poison Your Children

Conventional medicine may be finally getting a glimmer of a clue behind what really fuels the epidemic of childhood obesity, according to a comprehensive review of thousands of studies from 1994-2005: A poisoned Western diet that dooms kids to become sedentary and, at the same time, obese.

So much so, the researcher came up with a new term -- insulinogenic -- to describe the sorry state of the current Western diet, characterized by its high-fat content, decreased fiber and increased energy density. At the heart of the problem: Sugar, contained in large quantities in processed foods, that spikes the body's insulin levels and distorts how the hormone leptin functions.

Of course, much of the researcher's hypothesis is pretty familiar to those of you who read my blog every day and understand how harmful processed foods chock full of salt and sugar, really are.

All that said, I believe you can stop the epidemic of childhood obesity right now, especially if you recognize the signs early, then take these simple steps:

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