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Pollution Harms Your Baby

Air pollution is insidiously health-harming, especially for infants. It raises a baby's chances of autism and can even inflict harm in the womb. Exposure to pollutants can be lethal for babies too, based on a new study.

Researchers examined the medical records of nearly 20,000 infants who died in California's South Coast Air Basin (including much of Los Angeles). Although a very small number of infants died or became sick due to lung-related illnesses, exposure to high air pollution more than doubled the risk of respiratory death in babies from 7-12 months old. And, exposure to carbon monoxide two weeks before their deaths caused a spike in mortality rates too.

Another by-the-number factoid that should alarm you: Exposing your baby to incremental amounts of nitrogen dioxide -- every one part per 100 million -- elevates your baby's risk of dying from SIDS by up to 19 percent

If you think keeping your baby indoors will sidestep this risk, forget it, as allergens and mold can be a big health challenge for you and your newborn too. One way to protect the health of your family as well as the air quality of your home is to consider the best air purifier available. Among the many I've researched and analyzed extensively, here's the one I recommend and offer in the Mercola.com store: The Way Healthier Air Purifier that effectively rids your home of odors, germs and fungi naturally.

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