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Medicare Drug Benefit Generates Billions for the Evil Marketing Empire

I warned you some three years ago the Medicare Part D prescription drug program approved by Congress would be a major calamity for America, and just as huge a windfall for the "evil empire," better known as the mega-drug companies. Apparently, both scenarios may be coming to pass, according to a report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Drug companies made more than $7 BILLION in excess profits when seniors opted for the Medicare Part D plan, instead of through the Veterans Administration. The four leading money-making drugs that amount to more than half of those profits:

  • Zocor -- $1.6 billion
  • Lipitor -- $1.2 billion
  • Protonix -- $1 billion
  • Zoloft -- $585 million

This serious profit margin is a result of a delusional Congress preventing Medicare from negotiating directly with drugmakers, as the Veterans Administration does. In fact, insurers participating in the Medicare plan pay more than twice as much for drugs as the Veterans Administration does.

The only silver lining here: Even though business analysts believe these windfall profits will continue for the remainder of the year, even the drug company cartel doesn't expect the gravy train will last much longer, according to the Wall Street Journal.

However, will Congress quit taking handouts from the evil empire and do the right thing? Beat the system and take better responsibility for your health without drugs by following a plan like the Total Health Program.

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