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Treating Scoliosis Without Surgery

In serving as a conduit to help you locate safer, non-invasive and cheaper solutions to tough health problems, you may want to review the Clear Institute Web site run by Dennis Woggan, D.C., that provides a great deal of information about gentler treatments for scoliosis.

The interesting caveat about Dr. Woggan's approach: Although the conventional medical solutions -- bracing and eventual surgery -- are bad ones, he believes spinal manipulation therapy and chiropractic adjustments may have a detrimental effect on scoliosis too because they attempt to mobilize compensated, fixed stabilizing spinal units.

Before jumping for joy, however, I urge you to carefully review the articles section of the Clear Institute site that provides, not only PDF articles that quickly explain the process, but a free 177-page book and a detailed 200-page slide show first before consulting a trusted health professional.

Still I'm optimistic this far gentler approach to treating scoliosis is a step in the right direction.

Clear Institute

American Chiropractor April 30, 2006 Free Full Text Article

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