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Can Liquids On Planes Really Bring One Down?

Last week, I left for rural Colorado to attend a four-day transformational Chiropractic training experience, Total Solution (complete with the ropes course), developed by my good friend Dr. Patrick Gentempo. There was no radio, TV or cell phone reception at the location. We did have a satellite Internet connection, but somehow I missed the news about the new travel restrictions. Most of the 100 people at the event with carry-on luggage were surprised with the new restrictions at the airport.

Fortunately, I visited some friends in Denver before taking a return flight and they told me about the liquid restrictions, so, at least, I was aware of them before I arrived.

It was incomprehensible the government could have restricted all fluids including insulin on the first day. Fortunately, they lifted that one but this is one of the most inane and blatant elimination of freedoms I have seen yet. It is very clear from the articles linked below that it is virtually impossible to construct an explosive from liquids carried on board that is powerful enough to bring a plane down.

However, the mindless Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents faithfully followed their directives. When I arrived at the airport I had no liquids but did have my travel Nalgene bottles with me. I was shocked to find out that they were confiscated because they had lids. Even though they were empty, they stole my perfectly good travel water bottles. The excuse was I could fill them up with water in the bathroom.

While I was waiting to board, a grossly overweight gate agent stopped the boarding midway through went on the plane and retrieved a cup of coffee and bottle of water and stormed off the plane and angrily announced that if she has to go back on the plane and get anyone's liquids, she was going to call TSA agents and have that person arrested.

And, in one case, pilots turned a plane around because they discovered someone had bottled water on board. What has happened to common sense? The only reason water is restricted is because it is a liquid that could be confused with potentially dangerous chemicals. A protocol could easily be developed to have the person drink the fluid to prove that it is OK (there is no way people would be able to drink a toxic explosive precursor). That would put an immediate end to this nonsense.

The restrictions are so ludicrous that a leading European discount airline, RyanAir, has threatened to sue the British government if it doesn't ease off on its security measures

All of this is beyond ludicrous and a sad testimony to the progressive deterioration of our culture.

As Jon Stewart said the other night, "You are more likely to die in your bathtub than in a terrorist attack." In fact, you are more likely to die in a car crash than a terrorist attack. And you are more likely to die in the bathtub, due to a car crash, than in a terrorist attack.

The August 19th Wall Street Journal cites that you have a 33 times greater risk of dieing in an auto crash relative to traveling in a plane. Simply walking is 8 times riskier than flying and although I would not ride one, you are still 6.5 times safer on an airplane than you are on a motorcycle.

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