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Leg Pain Disappears by Throwing Away Teflon Cookware

I recently was reminded of the dangers of Teflon cookware when I visited one of our readers from Denver last week who had attended a cruise we sponsored in 2004. The wife of a retired MD, this woman in her 60s had been suffering from type 2 diabetes for a number of years. She had also been troubled with severe, crippling leg pain that virtually prevented her from doing any type of exercise. Her physicians had attributed this pain to a diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage due to diabetes.

When I met her on the cruise, she told me her pain had remarkably improved, so I suggested there was a strong likelihood that it could be due to her Teflon-coated pots and pans. So, I advised her to collect all of them immediately once she returned home and give them to a neighbor or relative she did not care for. After taking my advice and getting rid of them, to this day, her pain has not returned.

I had written of the dangers of Teflon on the site for some time but the fact that it could cause bizarre symptoms first came to my attention when Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, called me to see if I could help him with a problem of waking up at night with frequent urination. He had seen a number of physicians who were unable to help him and my recommendations did also not benefit him.

That is, until he read an article on my site, put two and two together and realized his Teflon cookware could be the culprit. Sure enough, once Gary removed the cookware from his home, his symptoms subsided.

It is my strong impression Teflon cookware is pervasive in nearly all our homes. Virtually, no one believes it is toxic, so most people still use it. If you or someone you know has some weird medical problem that no one can help, please have them stop using the Teflon and see if the problem improves.

If it does improve, please write our customer support department and tell them about your personal experience.

In the meantime, you should be aware of the cookware that you use and the alternatives to Teflon coated cookware.  A much healthier option is the one that I personally use in my home--ceramic cookware. Glass cookware is another option, but I feel that ceramic cookware outclasses glass cookware by far.

Ceramic cookware is not only extremely durable and easy to clean (even the toughest cooked-on foods can be wiped away after soaking it in warm water), it is completely inert, which means it won’t release any harmful chemicals into your home or your food unlike other sets of cookware.  Below is a short table depicting hazardous cookware and why it should be avoided.

Cookware Material

Potential Hazards


PFOA induced potential health hazards -- from your immune system to birthing activities


Is a reactive metal and suspected casual factor in Alzheimer's disease

Stainless steel

Potential likelihood of metal leaching into your food and allergen issues


Due to the possibility of copper caused discomfort, recommended to never have direct contact with your food


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