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The ''Experts'' Are Wrong About Raw Milk

Another reason your family should be drinking raw milk: Doing so may cut down significantly on the number of allergy-related conditions -- think hay fever and eczema -- children face, according to a new study.

Scientists studying the health of some 4,700 children in Shropshire found those who lived on farms suffered from dramatically fewer allergic symptoms than all the rest. After reviewing many obvious benefits -- breastfeeding and their proximity to nature -- raw milk turned out to be the best advantage out of them all.

Patients who drank raw milk reduced the amount of immunoglobulin E (IgE), the antibody that triggers the release of histamine into the bloodstream and, consequently, allergic reactions, by an amazing 60 percent. Even "relatively infrequent" consumption of raw milk was enough to benefit a patient's health, researchers said.

Unfortunately, the rest of the article highlighted all the dangers of raw milk, primarily the chances of raw milk being infected with food poisoning bugs E. coli and campylobacter, which is probably why the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health is pushing for a ban on unpasteurized milk in the UK. Nevertheless, the demand for raw milk (available only from farms or farmers markets) is growing, accounting for 1 percent of total milk sales in Wales and England.

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Daily Mail August 7, 2006

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