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Can You be Prosperous, Healthy and Maintain Your Spirituality?

An interesting study that saw print in last week's New England Journal of Medicine raises an even more interesting question, posed in the above headline, because I believe you can have all three if you're willing to make the effort.

Researchers discovered the wealthiest of seniors (ages 55-84) are healthier than people, for example, in the 55-64 bracket living below the poverty line, who are six times more prone to chronic, serious health problems -- think heart disease and arthritis.

In my experience, many people, if not most, are blocked when it comes to financial prosperity, believing that it will somehow make them less spiritual. From my experience, however, this, simply, is not true. Fact is, it's not a matter of choosing one advantage over the other. You can actually have both, along with a bonus of dramatic benefits to your health.

Remember, financial prosperity is a product of proper goal-setting, fueled by a commitment to manifest a positive mental attitude as well as to be willing to share your blessings with others. A natural, powerful way to make a better life a reality for you and your family: Learn to master one of the most effective healing modalities, the Emotional Freedom Technique.

New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 355, No. 7, August 17, 2006: 695-703 Free Full Text Study

Toronto Star August 21, 2006

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