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The Avalanche of Pharmaceutical Lawsuits

Another sign the drug-addicted paradigm that passes for conventional medicine in America is falling apart: More than 65,000 product liability lawsuits have been filed by consumers against the evil drug company empire in the past six years alone, a trend some legal experts believe won't end any time soon.

If that sounds to you like a huge number of lawsuits against one industry, believe me, it is. In 2005 alone, some 17,000 lawsuits were filed against the mega-drug companies, even more than the next five industries combined.

And, should the debacle that is Vioxx ever die down, there are a number of drugs with mounting legal troubles of their own.

Here's one more percentage that may scare you straight away for good from the conventional medical paradigm: About one out of every three American deaths are linked to a medical system in place to protect them. Are you willing to gamble with your life and that of your family on those odds?

USA Today August 23, 2006

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