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10 Ways to Organize Your Desk Effectively

The first crucial step you can make toward being success is, of course, setting goals. But how can you make time to be creative and make those bold plans for success if you're always fighting a messy desk?

This comprehensive list of tips from the LifeClever Web site summarizes some of the best ways to keep your desk organized. Listed below with a few of those creative suggestions are a couple of my own:

  1. Ritualize your review. (Probably, the single most important part of being successful at this process is to make absolutely certain you commit one to two hours to a REGULAR and consistent weekly review.
  2. Use a system to manage the paper that's cluttering your desk.
  3. Replace paper Post-it notes with Microsoft Outlook calendar reminders that automatically pop up at the right time to remind you to do things. (For this to work, however, you have to be at your computer when they pop up. Although they make no sense for you if they popup when you aren't there, if you're at your computer constantly like I am, using them can be amazingly effective.)
  4. Limit the number of pens on your desk to two or three.
  5. Don't eat at your desk.

LifeClever August 21, 2006

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