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Soft Drink Companies Change Their Toxic Benzene Formulations

Even though they denied it, a pair of soft drink companies apparently got the message loud and clear about the toxic formulations that allowed benzene to form in their products in a settlement of a class action lawsuit filed earlier this year.

Among other things, In Zone and TalkingRain agreed to change their formulations to prevent the toxic formation of benzene (preventing the interaction of vitamin C/ascorbic acid and either sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate with light or heat exposure).

But that doesn't mean the problem is over by a longshot, however. In the midst of fighting a benzene lawsuit of its own, Coca-Cola remains on the hot seat after independent lab tests revealed one of their newest U.S. products -- the energy drink Vault Zero -- also exceeded the safe level of benzene in drinking water set by the World Health Organization (10 parts per billion) and the United States (5 ppb).

Unfortunately, benzene is only be the tip of the iceberg, considering how soft drinks also fuel the epidemic of obesity. Just a reminder, one of the easiest and simplest lifestyle changes you could make to improve your health is to stop drinking soft drinks immediately. If you're having problems making the switch to clean, fresh water, I urge you to try Turbo Tapping, an effective variation of the Emotional Freedom Technique, the energy psychology tool used daily in my practice.

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