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How Starbucks Hides Its Most Economical Product From You

After sharing the secret behind getting a better tasting and cheaper cappuccino from Starbucks with you, evidently, the word is getting out. This interesting BBC News piece that details all the things Starbucks and other coffee shops do to prevent you from buying it.

Their best technique, especially to dissuade people in a rush, is the simplest: Leaving this option off their menu boards entirely. Starbucks claims they don't have enough room to include the small cappuccino on their menu boards, while others list it, albeit without a price.

The trick here is to be a smarter, more selective customer, and choosing an item not listed on their menu boards is often the wiser choice.

Before you make that cheaper cappuccino a daily habit, however, be aware coffee has been associated with an increased risk of stroke and may interfere with your body's ability to regulate its homocysteine and cholesterol levels. Also, you'll want to read my tips for making and drinking coffee safely too.

BBC News August 24, 2006

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