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Which is Better to Drink: Tea or Water?

Wondering about the real importance of a British study that claims the benefits of drinking tea may be better for you than drinking clean fresh water? You have every right to be skeptical.

Yes, it's true tea -- particularly antioxidant-rich green tea extract -- is quite beneficial as a proven cancer-fighter. And this new study demonstrates drinking more than three cups of tea a day also reduces a patient's risk of coronary heart disease, indeed a good thing too.

Before you increase your tea consumption exponentially, however, it's a good idea to read some of the "fine print." For one, the study was funded by the Tea Council, not at all impartial when it comes to touting the benefits of tea. That's not as surprising or harmful as advocating drinking tea made with fluoridated water, a poor health choice especially since fluoride levels in some instant teas can be quite high.

Fact is, pure water is what we were designed to drink. Once you veer too far from it -- think soft drinks and energy drinks -- you have the real potential of developing serious health problems. Tea is certainly acceptable, but only in moderation.

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