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The 20 Facts About Death You Need to Know

As you well know, merely the daily workings of conventional medicine can be enough to harm or kill you if you're not careful. And those encompass a few of the many interesting, somewhat gross and amusing factoids Discover magazine collected about the rosy subject of death of which you may not be entirely aware.

A few pertinent medical-related ones follow, but I urge you to click on the link below for the full list.

  • 80 percent of Americans die in a hospital.
  • Vultures in India are dying due to residues of the anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac (better known as Voltaren) they receive from dead cattle carcasses.
  • No American has died from old age in almost 60 years.
  • More New York City residents die from suicide than are murdered.

Please don't become a statistic. Take a great leap forward toward better health for you and your family, and limit your dependence on a fatally, flawed health care paradigm by making better lifestyle choices detailed in my Total Health Program.

Discover, Vol. 27, No. 9, September 2006

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