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The Simple, Inexpensive Cure for Afternoon Drowsiness Confirmed

As you know, sitting inside a poorly lit office surrounded by incandescent or fluorescent lighting day and night starves our bodies of the unfiltered vitamin D-rich sunshine we need. Apparently, science is really beginning to appreciate how full-spectrum light improves our health.

Belgium researchers tested the effect of bright white light on a group of patients to determine if such exposures have an effect on brain functions during daytime hours when many people feel sluggish. While each patient was exposed to 21 minutes of bright white light during morning hours, scientists also imaged their brains.

No surprise, patients who were exposed to bright light were more alert and the regions of their brains that affect attention and other cognitive processes received a huge boost.

Nevertheless, many of you spend your days -- and some evenings -- locked in a dimly-lit office and have very limited time to get that hour's worth of sunshine your body needs. Your next best safe option to get the light your body desperately needs every day: Consider the BP-12 Light Boxes and Way Healthier Full Spectrum Lighting sold in my Web store.

Current Biology, Vol. 16, No. 16, August 22, 2006: 1616-1621

Live Science August 25, 2006

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