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Obesity Raises Ovarian Cancer Risks

Asyou well know, the epidemic of obesity -- increasing one's risks ofheart disease, cancer and diabetes -- may whittle away the lifeexpectancy of the average American by as much as five yearsby the middle of this century. If you're an obese woman fightingovarian cancer, unfortunately, your odds of eventually beating it arelower too, according to a new study.

Researchers reviewed the medical records of more than 200 women withepithelial ovarian cancer (the most common type of ovarian canceroriginating from the surface of the ovary) to determine the connectionsbetween cancer, obesity and tumors. Forty-two percent of the patientssurveyed were obese or overweight, while the rest were underweight ormaintained a healthy weight.

Survival rates between obese women and those who had no weightproblems didn't vary much. Serious problems did arise, however, whenscientists compared women who were suffering advanced stages of ovariancancer. As their BMIs increased, survival rates worsened and theinterval of time to the next recurrence of cancer decreased too.

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