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Makers of Lipitor Also Made Chemical, Biological Weapons

Long before Lipitor, the world's best selling drug -- and totally useless to boot -- was created, Pfizer was one of many pharmaceutical and chemical companies that developed military weapons, according to a fascinating report written more than four decades ago from The Memory Hole.

This declassified report from 1964 details how Pfizer -- then called Chas. Pfizer and Co. Inc. -- was progressing with creating chemical agents that produce some interesting side effects. Among them:

  • Muscle fatigue
  • Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Retrograde amnesia

Do any of these symptoms -- in relation to modern-day drugs or treatments -- sound familiar to you?

Among the substances tested by Pfizer in their experiments: Nicotine, strychnine, LSD, amphetamines and pentobarbital sodium. In retrospect, does this news sound much different than the dirty tricks played behind the scenes by current Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to get aspartame approved?

I think not...

The Memory Hole.org June 20, 2006 Free Full PDF Report

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