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If You're Heading for Menopause, Read This Article Now!

While doing daily Web research for blog items, I came across an extensive, must-read report that does an excellent job of debunking the many harmful options conventional medicine falls back on when it comes hormone therapy and how it harms women more than it helps, especially during menopause.

The report begins by detailing the sordid history behind the invention of the synthetic hormone market some 70 years ago with the discovery of diethylstilbestrol (DES), the first drug invented that caused cancer in a infant when his or her mother took it, and eventually synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT), another unsafe option.

Fact is, the powers that be -- namely conventional medicine often paid off by the mega-drug companies -- would rather prescribe a useless and potentially toxic drug for a "disease" like menopause than treat it like a natural condition that happens to most women and do so naturally. Unfortunately, doctors would have you take a HRT regimen that includes the deafening progestin

If estrogen is necessary, experts believe the optimal bioidentical hormone estradiol is all most women really need. Other natural means to optimize your hormone levels:

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