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New Research Supports Importance of Lowering Omega-6 Fats

An interesting new book about the unhealthy ratio of omega-6 versus omega-3 fats in the average Western diet argues eating fish isn't nearly enough to promote better health. The real problem: Americans consume so many omega-6 fats from other sources -- hydrogenated fats found in vegetable oils and other sources for one -- eating omega-3 rich foods may do no good.

Consuming processed foods laden with hydrogenated oils aren't the only obstacle in right-sizing your omega-3 fat intake, however, according to this book that delves into the history, science and economics of these healthy fats. For example, conventionally raised cattle fed corn and soybeans instead of grass become living sources of omega-6 fats. Conversely, free-range chickens that eat grass and bugs lay eggs that contain 10 times the amount of omega-3 fats than do chickens fed only corn and grains.

Aside from consuming too many omega-6 fats, the other key problem is that many people remain unaware of the problem. Conventional health mainstays like the USDA or the American Heart Association don't talk about the problem or, even worse, don't distinguish between both sets of fats.

Hard to believe such ignorance still exists, especially in light of a new study in today's eHealthy News You Can Use newsletter that found consuming omega-3 fats does a better job of protecting your body from sudden death than a defibrillator can.

Medical News Today September 11, 2006

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