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What the Heck Do Those Keys at the Top of Your Keyboard Do?

If you've used a Windows PC for any length of time, you've probably wondered what those F keys on the top of your keyboard really do. These Function Keys were a staple of the DOS era of computing some 15-20 years ago that never quite went away as Windows operating systems eventually got more sophisticated.

Truth is, you can probably get by without ever using or needing the function keys on your keyboard. Still, you can optimize your work time by using your function keys that, for the most part, offer shortcuts.

What follows is a rundown of some function keys, and hit the link below for the rest.

  • F1 accesses Windows help screens.
  • F2 allows users to rename files or folders.
  • F5 refreshes the view of a Web page.
  • F10 activates the menu bar of many Windows programs.

Compu Kiss.com

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