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Cut Your Pancreatic Cancer Risks by Nearly Half With Vitamin D

Considering all the good vitamin D can do for your health, it's no wonder the sunshine vitamin can cut your risk of succumbing to pancreatic cancer, one of the most fatal forms of cancer. I am concerned about the source of vitamin D touted in the study, however.

After reviewing the medical data of more than 120,000 patients, scientists found those who received the minimum RDA supplement of vitamin D (400 IUs daily) slashed their risks of pancreatic cancer by 43 percent. Patients who consumed less than 150 IUs every day lost almost half of their protection, however, with cancer rates dropping by only 22 percent.

By the way, getting more than the RDA of vitamin D resulted in no extra benefits either, no surprise, as excess amounts in your blood are dangerous. There is very little risk overdosing on vitamin D, however, when your body generates it from safe sun exposure.

If you don't get enough sunshine, only vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), the type found naturally in foods like eggs, organ meats, animal fat, cod liver oil and fish, is your optimal choice. Also, before you even think about taking a vitamin D supplement, it's vitally important to have your blood levels checked.

Science Daily September 12, 2006

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