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The Best Time To Buy Things

As you know, I'm always on the lookout for bargains that can save you time, a few bucks and, from time-to-time, needless pain. Based on interviews with experts, Smart Money has compiled a list of some of the best times to buy big- and small-ticket items ranging from cars to wedding dresses.

No surprise, timing makes all the difference, but it varies depending on the item. Check out these examples and hit the link below for the rest:

  • Airplane tickets: Review your options on Wednesdays, 21-23 days before you want to fly, as plenty of deals spring up as airlines rush to fill seats.
  • Televisions: Look for a TV six to 12 months after the model you've been eyeing hits the consumer market, as newer versions of that same models rarely justify a higher price.
  • Wedding dresses: Shop for that special occasion, surprisingly, during the Christmas season as bridal companies stock up on dresses for the post-holiday rush.
  • Computers and other electronics: Wait until that next generation of a computer or MP3 player you've already been eyeing for several months hits the shelves and you'll likely find the great deals on the item for which you've been waiting.

Smart Money.com September 5, 2006

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