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Corn, Soybeans Now Replace Wheat on American Farms

Growing numbers of American farmers have been moving away from wheat and toward corn and soybeans, not a great thing in the long run for the American economy or our health, but not terribly surprising either. Fact is, more lucrative farm subsidies and the increasing demand for ethanol-based fuels -- not to mention genetically modified crops -- allowed corn to supplant wheat as the leading crop grown by American farmers 10 years ago.

Farmers loaded up on record subsidies -- to the tune of $7.5 billion over the past two years -- when corn prices dropped below $1.95 a bushel. Nevertheless, the use of corn and soybeans in producing ethanol appears to be strongest reason, as of late, farmers are seeing dollar signs, despite all the millions of gallons of water needed to produce it and what that could do to our environment down the road.

And that's just one element out of all the environmental problems associated with corn products. Overall, wheat may require more energy to produce than corn, but the latter taxes a larger combination of resources (water, energy and fertilizer).

For the health of our children and their children, wouldn't it be more prudent to consider a healthier technological solution like a hybrid car?

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