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10 Ways to Earn a Bigger Paycheck in Your Current Job

These days, many people are so predisposed to worry about losing their jobs and all that bad things that can happen, they often forget about all the actions they can control. Specifically, you can maintain your job, improve your standing within your organization and earn more money while doing so by following some common-sense suggestions from human resources managers, compensation experts and employees like you.

What follows are some of the best ideas on the list. Hit the link below for the remainder of the list along with strategies for accomplishing these tasks.

  1. Listen to your boss and make sure you understand what he or she expects out of your position.
  2. Take steps to better manage your own finances, seeking out financial advice when necessary.
  3. Pay close attention to your tax deductions, so you're not paying more than you need to the government.
  4. Pay for as much as you can with tax-free income.
  5. If you're able, don't double-dip by paying for extra benefits -- think medical insurance -- already covered under a spouse's existing health plan.

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