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Conventional Hormone Treatments Harm Prostate Cancer Patients

Hormone therapy increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, more evidence conventional prostate cancer treatments can be harmful and unnecessary, especially for men whose prognosis is good and have the least to gain.

Doctors have resorted to hormone therapy in prostate cancer cases that have spread to the bone, believing slowing cancer and relieving pain was a fair trade for the side effects (osteoporosis, fat gain and impotence among them). Unfortunately, even though medical research has never proven hormone therapy is valuable for men with lesser cases of prostate cancer, some take it anyway, even if the only sign their cancer may have returned is a positive PSA.

Scientists researched the medical records of some 73,000 Medicare patients diagnosed with prostate cancer, most over an average 4.5 years. During an average year, out of 1,000 men treated with hormone therapy, the incidence of diabetes, heart attack and sudden cardiac death was elevated compared to men not receiving it, raising concerns throwing drugs at an early-state cancer isn't the best strategy.

Some more natural methods for beating prostate cancer naturally:

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