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It Pays To Work at the CDC, Just Not As a Scientist

No question, the state of conventional medicine in America is at best in shambles, due in no small part to the avarice that permeates the federal bureaucracy. Evidently, some of those fat-cat bureaucrats are getting more than their fair share too.

Separate reports in the New York Times and Atlanta Journal-Constitution have uncovered CDC financial data that show the larger cash awards and performance bonuses often went to administrators, budget analysts, accountants and computer experts, at the expense of those rank-and-file scientists who do the work.

In fact, those who worked in the office of CDC director Dr. Julie Gerberding and the Senior Executive Service received the most awards in the federal government, according to the New York Times. Before Gerberding's appointment four years ago, however, cash rewards among bureaucrats at the CDC rarely exceeded $2,500.

An example: The CDC's chief operating officer received almost $150,000 in bonuses over the past four years, twice the amount given to any other agency employee. Makes one wonder why all that taxpayer money is being wasted on bureaucrats advocating needless vaccines that harm your children.

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