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Accutane's Harmful Effect on Your Body, Emotions

Amid reports about new side effects connected to Accutane comes more conclusive evidence the incidence of depression among users of the popular acne drug is real indeed.

Researchers in the UK and Texas monitored the effect Accutane had on the behavior of adolescent mice over a six-week span. Though there was no physical changes in the mice that were tested, the test subjects spent far more time sitting immobile during tests used to gauge their reactions to stress, a clear sign they were in a depressive state.

Up to now, researchers had relied on individual case reports, complicated by the psychosocial effects of enduring severe acne before this landmark study. The warning signs demonstrated in mice weren't enough to prompt scientists from recommending patients -- largely teens -- to stay away from Accutane, however.

Acne is a terrible problem I know about first-hand as I suffered from it from more than two decades. Only after I began studying natural medicine, did I understand there was a safer, simpler answer to my problem: Reducing, with the plan of eliminating, grains and sugars from your daily diet.

This also means staying away from hidden sources of grains, including most processed foods.

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