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Fox Fires Reporters For Telling the Truth About Milk

You may recall a report I posted two years ago that Monsanto was slowing down sales of its bovine growth hormone (BGH). Shortly before the slowdown in the production of Posilac, however, a pair of investigative reporters lost a legal battle with the Fox Network, simply for telling the truth behind a dangerous and needless food additive, so persuasively described in this interesting video.

The conflict stemmed from a 1997 report to be aired by a Fox TV affiliate in Florida about the dangers of BGH until lawyers for Monsanto sent letters promising "dire consequences" if the story aired. After attempts by Fox to bribe the reporters to keep quiet failed, the station agreed to air a revised version of the report. Eighty-three edits later, the report was shelved and the courts took over.

Although a lower court ruled in favor of the reporters for some $425,000, a Florida appeals court denied them whistleblower protection, claiming Fox, and the media in general, have no obligation to tell the truth, in effect, having the freedom to report what is fact and fiction as real news.

Although Monsanto recently announced plans to start producing the product themselves at a plant in Augusta, Ga., fortunately, there's been a strong push away from hormone-infested milk and toward raw milk, one of the finest natural sources of calcium available.

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YouTube.com August 22, 2006

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