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Are You Taking a Dangerous Drug Before Flying?

With all the terror alerts and overstuffed planes needlessly paralyzing our airports as of late, it's not surprising some of you still worry about flying, although it's a safer alternative than driving to the same destination. To get over their fear of flying, however, some patients have gone overboard, as described so brilliantly in this New York Times piece.

During this post-9/11 era, fearful fliers are turning to a variety of prescription medications for "relief." Among them:

  • Anti-anxiety drugs like Zanax, Ativan and Valium
  • An anti-depressant like Paxil
  • Pain drugs including Soma
  • The obesity-inducing sleep aid Ambien.

In fact, one sleep disorders expert has noticed a dramatic increase over the past two years in the amount of patients who take a drug, in part, to calm their anxieties during a flight. And, some nervous fliers have even resorted to borrowing a couple of prescription from their friends to get through a trip, no matter what it might do to their health.

For a myriad of reasons, taking a prescription drug -- especially one not written especially for you -- can be deadly. A healthier, saner alternative that has nothing to do with a drug: Learning how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique, the effective energy psychology tool used daily in my practice.

New York Times September 17, 2006 Registration Required

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