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Hospital Errors Fatal to Indiana Babies

I suspect you won't question why the United States leads the world in medical errors any more after reading this horrible story about the needless deaths of three babies last weekend at an Indianapolis hospital.

Last Saturday, six premature babies treated at Methodist Hospital accidentally received adult doses of heparin (a drug often used to prevent blood from clotting as babies are given IVs), amounts that were 1,000 times greater than they should have received.

Blaming the heparin overdoses on an experienced technician who inadvertently delivered adult doses to the neonatal unit, the health care agency that manages the hospital vowed to prevent future problems by double- and triple-checking drugs before they are administered.

With all these preventable errors still occurring and the reasons for them still emerging, why are you still willing to risk your life on a conventional medicine system that's falling apart?

USA Today September 20, 2006

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