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Avoid Kidney Cancer With Fish Oil, Vitamin D

Almost two years ago, I warned you about the rise in kidney ailments in America while nobody noticed. No surprise, more Americans are dying than ever from kidney cancer, according to University of Michigan researchers, even though early treatment and detection has improved.

Over a 19-year period ending in 2002, kidney cancer diagnoses jumped a startling 52 percent, with the biggest increase seen in patients with smaller tumors (2-4 cm.), making researchers question the effectiveness of their treatments.

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, however, suggests gentler, safer way to lower a patient's risk of kidney cancer -- eating fatty fish rich in omega-3 fats and vitamin D -- rather than wasting time on making a better chemotherapy drug.

Eating fish would be an ideal source for your omega-3s to reduce your cancer risks as well as improve your brain functioning, but only if they weren't contaminated with mercury.

The best way to right-size your intake of omega-3 fats: Taking a high quality fish or krill oil daily. And, while temperatures remain warm in most of the Northern Hemisphere, don't forget to get some sunshine to tap into your most natural, healthy source for vitamin D.

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