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Bet You Never Knew There Was This Much Fat in Potato Chips

You may recall a recent and effective ad campaign aimed at children by the British Heart Foundation,showing them and their parents the real and sickening components offast foods like hamburgers and deep-fried chicken fingers. Thefoundation is back with a new crusade, exposing the risks of eatingpotato chips/crisps, some of the worst foods you can eat.

The campaign is built around a very simple and sickening image --depicting a little girl drinking cooking oil straight from the bottle-- an overt reminder British kids consume almost 10.5 pints of oilannually if they eat one bag of chips a day. And, because a single bagof chips sold in America is bigger, that could mean U.S. kids areeating as much as 40 pints of cooking oil a year.

No wonder the obesity epidemic is alive and well around the world, considering Brits consume a ton of chips every 3 minutes, or enough to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool every 14 hours.

Not only are potato chips loaded with fat but it the type that is even WORSE than trans fat. Virtually no one denies the dangers of trans fatbut even if you eat non-trans fat potato chips, they are loaded withother, more toxic fat molecules that are cyclized, cross-linked,fragmented, bond-shifted oils, polymerized -- all kinds of differentkinds of damaged oil molecules that will increase your risk of cancer and heart disease.

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