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Finally, Some Hospitals Start to Understand the Importance of Nutrition!

Although many of America's teaching hospitals still serve branded fast foods -- from Pizza Hutto McDonald's -- a few institutions like Good Shepherd Medical Centerin Portland, Ore., have finally accepted the role nutrition plays inmaintaining optimal health, and are now preparing meals from scratch,made from organic foods.

What's more, some hospitals are even sponsoring farmers marketsonsite to help past patients and, hopefully, not future ones, makebetter food choices. Other institutions have even hired ex-restaurantemployees and chefs to run their kitchens. Those internal changes havemade it possible for hospitals to cease offering modified patient mealsbased on sodium or fat restrictions. And, it only took the Portlandhospital a single year to make the switch away from foods chock full of unhealthy additives and trans fats.

Other healthy changes you may be seeing at a hospital near you:

  • Switching over to biodegradable containers and away from Styrofoam.
  • Growing their own produce on site.
  • Composting food waste on site.

Once you leave the hospital, however, the responsibility is on youto maintain a healthier diet, and, fortunately, I have a great manytools on my Web site to get you started. Probably, the best place tobegin: Discover your body's unique nutritional type by taking my free test.

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