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Many of Bush's Environmental Health Laws Will Damage Your Offspring's Health

As much of America focuses on a seemingly never-ending War of Terror that strips us of our basic liberties, even to carry a bottle of water onboard an airplane, the Bush administration is working behind the scenes to gut America's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at the expense of your health as well as the future of your children.

In the latest sign big business interests have the upper hand over your health, a recently leaked memo warns the upcoming 2008 budget includes long-term and substantial "disinvestments" in the scientific capability of the EPA to do its work. Under the disguise of deficit management, the Bush administration seeks to slash environmental protections drastically, according to the watchdog group, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

This feeling of big business dictating environmental interests so permeates the EPA, "Many of us in the labs feel we work for contracts," says one agency scientist.

And, even when it appears environmentalists do get it right, often they've just shuffled the problem -- think mercury recycling laws -- from one spot on our planet to another, eventually polluting the very environment from where it was recycled.

Until the environment takes a higher priority, seek out natural means to protect your health from pollution, like taking a high-quality fish or krill oil daily.

Rachel's Democracy and Health News #872 September 14, 2006

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