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Young Obese Patients Feeling the Pain of More Diseases Seen in the Elderly

If you've been following the studies I've frequently posted about the childhood obesity epidemic, you understand all too well how diseases once seen in middle-aged patients are occurring far earlier now. You may need to add acute diverticulitis to this list, according to a new study.

Researchers explored this unusual tangent, because they hadencountered increasing incidents of acute diverticulitis, one of themost common diseases of the colon traditionally seen among older babyboomers, in emergency room patients over the previous decade.

Scientists monitored the health of some 100 patients, divided intoover-50 and under-50 groups who had suffered bouts of acutediverticulitis. Of the two groups, more than 75 percent of them overallsuffered from abdominal obesity and those under age 50 were more proneto obesity -- and worse cases of it -- than older folks.

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American Journal of Roentgenology, Vol. 187, No. 3, September 2006: 689-694 Free Full Text Study

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