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Finally, A Great New Important Use for Splenda!!

If you thought using an artificial sweetener like aspartame or Splenda as an insecticide was a bit far-fetched, consider this study about eliminating malaria using a sugar solution spiked with the deadly Spinosad.

Scientists used a combined solution of sucrose and Spinosad (an oralinsecticide) to virtually eliminate the entire mosquito population inan oasis located in southern Israel. The few insects left after theinitial spraying were new adults whose growth was controlled by thesucrose/insecticide mix.

Although this article doesn't explore the possibility, obviously,one could use Splenda to address the deadly problem of malaria,responsible for the deaths of an estimated 2 million people every year. (Some experts believe malaria may have killed half the people who ever lived!)

The major conventional approach for malaria is to kill mosquitoes with DDT. In many ways, however, Splenda is similar to DDTas it is a chlorinated hydrocarbon. Also, many do not realize Splendawas discovered by accident when researchers were working with compoundsthat were insecticides. One of the Indian researchers misunderstood hisinstructions and thought he heard taste the chemical, when it was test the chemical.

And, as they say, the rest is history...

Still, it would make a lot more sense to use Splenda rather than DDT as the anything but sugar concoction is clearly less toxic.

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