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A Formula for Predicting Your Osteoporosis Risk Accurately

Basedon a mathematical formula devised by Australian researchers, doctorsmay soon be better able to predict the risk of bone fractures due to osteoporosis.

Because some 45 percent of all women have varying levels of bonemineral density between their hip and spine, it's been harder topredict the incidence of osteoporosis, until this equation wasdeveloped, taking into account such variables as body weight (obese orunderweight), low bone mass and a patient's likelihood of falling.

Researchers developed their formula after reviewing the health ofmore than 200 elderly women who had sustained a low-trauma bonefracture over the previous two years along with some 450 older womenselected randomly who had suffered no fractures. Then, the formula wasput to the test on a third random group of patients from the same areawhose health was monitored for six years.

An amazing 75 percent of the fractures over the following twoyears were predicted using this new formula. One obvious variable thatapparently elevated a woman's risks: Obesity increasing the force applied to the skeleton.

Fortunately, a improved nutritional plan based on your body's unique nutritional type (particularly eating the right amount of vegetables) and exercise work in tandem, not only to beat obesity, but osteoporosis.

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