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Another Ridiculous Energy Drink Called Cocaine

Considering one soft drink maker's very deceptive ploy to promote 7-Up as 100 percent natural, companies will do anything to grab the attention of consumers, particularly teens. So much so, a Las Vegas firm has labeled its newest energy drink Cocaine, even though it contains absolutely none of the ingredients of the illegal drug.

Although a visit to the product's Web sitereminds people to consume Cocaine responsibly (along with the expectedlegal disclaimers warning children and pregnant moms not to drink it),various news accounts say the energy drink is being advertised as a"legal alternative" to the real thing. Far from the "real thing,"however, the only kick in a can of Cocaine is 280 milligrams of caffeine, still less than you'd ever get after drinking an expresso.

Understanding its main competition is Red Bull, Redux Beveragesclaims their new and improved energy drink is "350 percent stronger,"hence, I suspect, where the origin of that ridiculous name came from...In my mind, even more dangerous than consuming this misnamed energydrink -- fortunately only available in New York and Southern California-- is a page on its Web site showing some suggested combinations ofconcoctions with alcohol, a toxic cocktail indeed. And, it's sweetened with dextrose, a component of that anything but natural sugar, Splenda too.

Thankfully, products in a can like Cocaine are transitory, and yourhealth, if you make the right lifestyle choices, can last a very longtime. Make an impact on your health that'll last a lifetime by stayingaway from specialty drinks and soft drinks.

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