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More Evidence of the Benefits of Full Spectrum Lighting

In another sign conventional medicine is beginning to come around regarding the health benefits of full spectrum lighting, scientists have discovered a new receptor in the eye that, among other things, monitors our biological clocks.

Apart from the other photoreceptors in the eye that allow people tosee, this "third eye" responds differently to light by sending signalsto your brain's hypothalamus, thus regulating the production ofmelatonin your body's circadian rhythms.

With the help of big-time manufacturer Philips, scientistsexperimented with lamps emitting different wavelengths of light onworkers toiling in the high-stress environment on one floor of a healthinsurance call center. No surprise, in comparison to co-workers onother floors, patients felt more alert and the quality of their workimproved too.

Although an hour's worth of unfiltered sunlight -- helping our bodies create vitamin D naturally-- is so essential to optimal health, many of you spend long hours,both day and night, in poorly lit offices feeling sluggish andlethargic.

Because full-spectrum lighting is your next best option to sunshine,if you can't find them in your town (imitation neodymium incandescentbulbs are commonly promoted as full-spectrum bulbs but theydon't provide the beneficial wavelengths you need), consider thehigh-quality, full-spectrum products offered in my Web store.

The Independent September 26, 2006