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Some Colleges Starting to Get It About Food!

Just as some hospitals in Americaare transitioning to organic foods, universities are slowly making theswitch too. The difference-maker: Demands made by a growing number of"nutritionally wired students" raised on "Whole Foods diets."

In the case of Yale University, the switch from pre-made foods topreparing scratch meals from more wholesome sources has taken fiveyears, because most schools never spent money on food before and don'tknow how, according to one expert, without a lot of help.

Today, some 50 percent of the 15 million American studentsattending college have access to organic food, probably accounting fora goodly portion of the industry's 20 percent yearly growth.

As one might expect at an Ivy League school, Yale's nutritional goals -- serving 100 percentsustainable and organic food -- are high but doable. That's a far cryfrom just four years, when organic foods were served in just one dininghall on campus.

If your searches for organic foods grown near you have come up empty, you'll want to review my recent list of links of farmers markets and family farms. And, buying organic food isn't as expensive as you've been led to believe either.

USA Today September 26, 2006