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India Can't Even Provide Clean Water For Many of Its People

Can you imagine quitting your job, merely to ensure your family has enough water to drink or go to the bathroom? That's the sad state of affairs for middle-class families living in New Delhi -- India's richest city -- forced to forage for water, according to this disturbing New York Times piece.

As the Indian economy grows, urban sprawl, booming population growthand a vast farm belt have overwhelmed the government's ability tomaintain its public water and sanitation networks, leading experts tobelieve this nation's economic future is tied to managing its water.

Even more astonishing is that the Yamuna River that flows into NewDelhi with clean water from atop the Himalayas is polluted with 1billion gallons of sewage EVERY DAY from the city alone,increasing the fecal coliform count in the river (one measure of filth)over 100,000 the safe bathing level.

A sign India won't be managing its water properly any time soon: Allowing soft drink manufacturers like Coca-Cola to suck as much as 1.5 million liters of water a day from groundwater sources.

New York Times September 29, 2006 Registration Required