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Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry

Yourbody is designed to eat natural foods, meaning those as they are foundin nature and not artificial substances created in a lab that make upthe typical building blocks for processed foods, no matter what the so-called experts tell you about how "safe" and "natural" they are. This interesting feature from Sally Fallon describes all the health problems related to the conventional American breakfast, the most basic meal of the day.

Take, for example, the average dry cereal, even those labeled as low-sugar products that are no more nutritiousthan their sweeter counterparts. The process of extrusion alonedestroys any nutritional value those grains may have and even theunnatural vitamins added at the end.

Or the milk that's perfectly healthy for you to drink, until it's pasteurized, again stripping away the beneficial bacteria your body needs. Or the orange juice that's often contaminated with mold from damaged fruits that were inadvertently processed.

One healthy alternative to the average breakfast, especially ifyou're a carb type who eats the proper foods based on your body's unique nutritional type: Consider vegetable juicing.

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