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New Cancer Drug Costs More Than $4,200 PER Dose

Even in this era of price-gouging miracle drugs, can you imagine anything more insane than charging a cancer patient $4,200 per dose for what amounts to an older drug in a new bottle?

That's precisely the shell game being played by crafty drugmarketers like Abraxis BioScience to promote Abraxane as a "majoradvance" in treating late-stage breast cancer, even though a genericversion of the same drug (Taxol) costs 25 times less.

What's more, preying on the fear of cancer patients can even be a wise financial movefor drug companies, according to some analysts. Sales of Abraxane areexpected to hit $200 million by year's end and could reach $1 billionby 2010.

Imagine all this extra expense for a $4,200 drug that may shrink tumors more effectively than its generic counterpart but doesn't improve a patient's odds of survival. To its credit, a slightly tougher FDA did turn down a proposal from Abraxis to permit the use of Abraxane among early-stage breast cancer patients.

A more sensible, safer and less expensive approach than taking anineffective, exorbitant drug: Virtually eliminating your cancer risksaltogether by following the major recommendations I posted last year.

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