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Organs For Sale From Executed Prisoners

Seven short years ago, I warned you about the harvesting and sale of human embryonic and fetal tissues, yet even I was surprised about China's most gruesome and flourishing export: Human organs from executed prisoners. Simply, China executes more prisoners than the rest of the world combined and many of their organs go to wealthy foreigners seeking transplants, according to this upsetting BBC News video.

The report shows how a patient can reliably find and purchase ahealthy liver from a northern China hospital for a foreign-born familymember in less than three weeks for about $100,000.

Unfortunately too much like the typical process of buying a usedcar, after a doctor explains the basics, a second hospitaladministrator comes in to press the reporter to make an organ purchase,reminding him many more organs are available before traditional Chinese holidays.

Of course, the Chinese are quick to say most prisoners slated to beexecuted donate their organs voluntarily. What they don't tell you,however, is under what circumstances prisoners make their choice known:A public execution rally in which ropes are tied around their necks toprevent them from speaking out.

Conveniently, before any objections from family members who may havefelt their choices were coerced, the bodies of prisoners -- minus theirvaluable, undamaged organs -- are cremated.

Hard to imagine such an insane, inhuman practice being done by humans on humans to help the privileged...

The Raw Story September 27, 2006